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Collection: Chris Valentine

Chris Valentine is an artist & illustrator from Johannesburg, South Africa. His interest in illustration began at a young age with obsessive sketches of Asterix & Obelix, comic book superheroes and the making of action figures from paper, cardboard and whatever else he could find.

It was only in high school that he realised he could make a career out of his passion for drawing when his love of music led him to album artwork by Alex Pardee and Derek Hess for the bands The Used and In Flames, respectively. Chris spent his school days drawing Iron Maiden album covers, WWII photographs and mock illustrations for his favourite clients.

Once he finished matric, he applied as a graphic design intern at Rivers Church, where he worked on branding material, album covers and artwork, leading to his decision to go freelance in 2010. Starting out with graphic design and branding, Chris slowly built up a client base through word of mouth and online exposure, eventually persuading certain clients to allow him to integrate illustration into their branding. As things currently stand, Chris has had the opportunity to work with many of his dream clients, including Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola. Chris has been nurturing a love for oil painting and street art in his years as an illustrator & is hoping to exhibit more frequently in the near future, as well as travel to paint murals.