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Well where do I begin, I’m Jonathan Blaine from Durban, South Africa. I’ve always admired all kinds of art and loved comics and cartoons (I still do). I remember watching Biker mice from mars on VHS and pausing it so I could draw my favourite characters, little did I know that this love for drawing and art would be used further in my life. 

Throughout high school I was drawing, tagging desks, and just doing what I thought was graffiti as I saw it as an escape, it kinda gave me a purpose, it intrigued me. I’d always look out for graffiti on roads, music videos, magazines etc. I LOVED it and the attention it would get me.

After finishing school I got a job in a new city, and this is where I started actually painting. I met a local writer who was respected and he schooled me as we went on bombing mission after bombing mission, I was living my dream, yet I still felt empty inside, like I was missing something then I found graffiti.