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Let’s talk about Fascia Fitness. 

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What is fascia? 

    Fascia is the tissue or the glue that keeps us together. It encapsulates everything, muscle bone, cells and organs.

    Dr. Gill Hedley  - The Fuzz Speech

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    Did you know?  

    Fascia have 6 times more sensory nerves than muscles.

    Fascia Fitness is the only training method that trains joints. T. Myers.

    Fascia’s best friend is the Nervous system.


    Why use hammocks for this training? 

    I use the hammock to assist you – meaning to make the exercise easier.

    The hammock can also resist you – meaning it makes the exercise more difficult.


    Hip mobility

    Lack of movement causes the hips to get tight.

    Too much cardio training without correctly stretching, will tighten the hips.

    Our joints literally dries out as we age.

    That is why you struggle to get out or into you sports car.


    Compression in the joint explained.

     It’s like walking on wet sand on the beach, as your foot press into the sand it presses all the water away, as you lift your foot the water comes back to that area again...

    The same thing happens in your joints. When we have slight compression in the joint for a short while, and let it go- we lubricate the joint.


    How often do you need to do it?

    If you do it consistently 2x a week, you will feel a HUGE difference in 3 weeks – guaranteed. 

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