Pause Leggings. Be-yourself. high waisted, quality yoga pants.

Jonathan Blaine, Be-Yourself and Be-Still Artist.

Jonathan Blaines story about art and where it started.

My love and passion for graffiti started when I’d watch cartoons as a kid and try redraw the characters. It was something I did for years, not knowing it would form the foundation for my love of art.

I played around with tags in high school when I came across some guys who had the same interests as me and we would stare at pics taken from magazines with graffiti and try to copy the styles.

I only, however, started painting graffiti when I moved to Pretoria and met a writer who took me under his wing. He noticed some of my stencil work and wanted to work with me. I’ve never looked back from there, and this was in 2006.

What inspires me is a variety of things, nature is the biggest. The colours seen in plants, animals and even the skyline amazes me.

My family plays a big part in the work I do, as they constantly keep me grounded, inspired and hungry to succeed in projects.

It has been a wonderful journey, thank you for taking the time to view it at this stage of the ride.

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