Be-Yourself Pause Apparel leggings are high faulty and limited edition leggings that will never fade. it has graffiti art on it and are leggings that are perfect for running, gym, everyday life and yoga.
Pause Apparel Be-Yourself yoga pants are squat proof, 4 way stretch leggings that never fade, are perfect for the fuller figure, bright colourful colours of art and strokes of graffiti with a female portrait on the left leg.
Pause Apparel Be-Yourself tights are high waisted high quality, limited edition leggings that have colours that never fade and has a v shaped in the front and the back. ultimate fit for long full figure ladies.
The be-yourelf leggings are bright colourful leggings with a portrait of an African women on the left leg. Be-Yourself leggings are high waisted with a medium hold that are squat proof and a silky feel. they are long and are perfect for yoga, pilates, running, gym and every day life.

Be-Yourself Leggings

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These versatile high-rise leggings fit like a second skin and offer incredible hold and comfort, no matter how you move.

They are the perfect leggings for a fuller figure. 

Activewear, yoga, pilates, gym, and afterward - the ultimate studio to street wear.

Pause Apparel tights feature a self-assured and strong female portrait surrounded by beautiful splashes of bright graffiti colour, the design of the be-yourself leggings was created by Jonathan Blaine - a street artist from Durban, South Africa. 

Customer Reviews

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Tamlyn Zietsman
Running with comfort

I’ve been running my whole life doing road races as well as trail runs and always had to tuck and pull on my clothes for a comfortable run but since I discovered pause apparel leggings I realised that although running becomes uncomfortable your leggings shouldn’t have to….

Hannah Sinnicks
Most comfortable

Not only do I love my pants as athletic wear, they are my favourite and most comfortable tights to wear everyday.
They can be dressed up or down and they are not super thick so you don’t get too hot. Being a tall person, they are my BEST as they are the only tights I have managed to find that reach my ankles!! They are just so comfy to train in and the colours are incredible!
Also , I love the art on the pants because it makes each pair that much more unique.

Kayla Heckrath
Fit like a glove.

Such a treat to wear these leggings, they fit like a glove.

Giorgia Wessels

How beautiful are these limited edition leggings from Pause-Apparel. Designed specifically for the Be-Yourself range. So comfy I already did leg day in them and they were amazing! Perfect for any occasion, whether it be training in a gym, yoga, Pilates or just fun walk on the beach. Literal art that you can wear (no jokes, this unique print was made by an artist based in Joburg) I am usually a size small but I’m wearing an XS in these.

Bridge Jamie Estill
What a Win!

They are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn…Ever!
And I like being all matchy-matchy.
Such amazing quality and so much stretch… What a win.

Pause Apparel leggings are black high waisted leggings that are squat proof, high quality leggings that are limited edition, they are perfect for jogging, running, yoga, pilates and every day wear. These leggings dont fade and has a silicone print on the left leg.
Pause apparel leggings are high quality high rise leggings with a v shape in the front and the back of the leggings, they have a firm hold that are squat proof.
Pause Apparel high quality limited edition leggings are high waisted with a firm hold that doesn&
Pause Apparel leggings are leggings that are squat proof, high waisted with a v shape in the front and the back. they have a firm hold that hugs all your curves and has different leggings that are long, ankle biter and a bicycle short.

Pause Leggings

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Pause Apparel leggings hug all your curves while you move.

  • High waisted, firm hold
  • Silicon print on the left leg
  • Long length
  • Ankle biter
  • Bike styled shorts available 
  • Eco friendly packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lindsay Mason
Love them!

Everyone should own a pair of pause leggings ! Stunning fit and fabric with an elegant logo ! I also bought a pair of “be still”. These are genuinely art-you-can-wear!! Absolutely stunning all round🙏🙏

Livia Stuart
So Impressed

I am so impressed with my new leggings! They feel like a second skin and the fabric is beautiful. In love with them already, the softness of the stretch and the high waist so comfortable. Thank you for the extra special touches in you packaging. You can see how much perfection and love went into this.

Nelfrie Kemp
Prompt delivery, beautiful packaging and fit is next level.

Thank you for your prompt delivery of my PAUSE pants.
The whole experience from your beautifull packaging to the fit of the pants have just been next level.
I have walked, trained & lounged around in them since I got them.
Think I might need another pair.
Love the fit especially the supportive panel over the front of the belly and that they don’t fall down despite not having an elastic or a drawstring. Really comfy. I want to add, when I put them on, the legs length is great as it goes down right to my ankles - I don’t know what it is but the pants “stretch to the right length
No see through BONUS
Somehow it fits like a glove and brings out the best in your body contour. (hugs your body contour.

Deoni-Lizel Donaldson
Seeing is believing

The best-fitting tights I have ever owned seeing is actually believing, the bees knees!

Amelia Morgenrood

The pants are stylish and comfortable, in a completely different league than your average yoga pants. I love the fabric, and I can easily wear them all day, every day!!

Be-Still leggings are high waisted with a v shape in the front and the back, they are squat proof, never slip down, has a silky feel with a medium hold.
Pause Apparel be-still leggings are yoga-ants made for studio to street wear. they are comfortable, high rise and never fade. it is high quality yoga pants that has a v shape in the front and the back.
pause apparel leggings are leggings that never fade and are high quality, never fade leggings that are high waisted with a v shape in the front and the back. the leggings are squat proof, easy dry leggings that has a medium hold and a silky feel.
Be-Still Pause Apparel tights are high waisted squat proof with a v shape in the front and the back. They are comfortable, tights that never fade with strokes graffiti art on them and a female portrait on the left thigh.

Be-Still Leggings

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These elite quality high waisted leggings offer incredible hold and comfort, no matter how you move. They are perfect for yoga, pilates, gym and afterwards - the ultimate studio to street wear!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marien Dreckmeyer
Stylish everyday wear.

The most stylish and arty gym leggings that fits my body like a glove .The whole ambiance of the experience is to Be-Still, breathe and Pause. Something I need to do everyday. Well done Zelda and her team.
Thank you for great everyday wear.
I am hooked,.

Colleen Tomlinson

I absolutely love the feel of them, they are such a luxurious fabric not only to look at but the feel and wear of them.While I teach my high energy barre classes they sit so comfortably allowing me to move with ease. I have received many oohs and ahhs from my clients commenting on how stunning the print is and I really agree they are simply gorgeous. A real luxury item. Thank you once again. The best part is the length - I usually can never find leggings that go all the way down to my ankles as I am tall and these are wonderfully long and as a result very flattering.
They are a little higher waisted than I prefer as I have a very boxy waist, but it doesn't detract from the wear of them.

Keri Miller

Not all tights are made equal, and Pause-Apparel is ELITE.
They make me feel sexy. It's like someone took the best of us and put it into colour. My body moves comfortably and I am not spending time pulling the waistband up and the crotch down... Whether doing yoga, training or walking on the promenade. 
My confidence in these tights... It's almost magical.
To the team of inspired artists behind pause apparel.
Thank you for making me feel seen.
Thank you for making me feel strong.
Thank you for helping me to love my reflection.


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