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What's Art got to do with it?

It is no longer strange to see a work of art, or recently a nifty, sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Collecting art has become synonymous with ultra-rich collectors, unscrupulous middle-men, and artists who are sometimes better talented in making money than creating original work. 

What can be said of the art world can, in a certain sense, also be said of the luxury fashion world.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: There are indeed many people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, and I sometimes cannot help myself think: “What has art got to do with this?”

I try not to be cynical for too long. Cynicism is not good for happiness, and beauty, in any case, is in the eye of the beholder. For me, buying art is an investment in my sense of beauty. When I look at art, I want to acknowledge the passion, the hours, the technical skill, and the talent. I like to do the same when I buy and, now, also make clothes.

At Pause Apparel, our approach is to honor skill, talent, attention to detail, and hard work. Even though it may be challenging to price that, it is not difficult to value that. At Pause Apparel, we honor our love for art and our respect for the artist by using our experience, technical knowledge, and creativity to turn, with the minutest attention to detail, art into “Art that you can wear™. Beautiful, comfortable, and technically superior.


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