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Eye of the Storm Leggings | Ankle Biter

Eye of the Storm Leggings | Ankle Biter

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Did you know?

Eye of the storm is the latest leggings in our art that you can wear™ collection.

Eye of the storm leggings are the perfect choice for your next fitness class, or just chilling with a friend. Limited edition creative piece of art.

These versatile mid-waist leggings fit  like a second skin. It feels like these leggings are hugging you. Manufactured from recycled polyester  - because we care.

We designed these leggings based on the artwork from Chris the Valentine  - Eye of the Storm. It shows the portrait of the moment of peace amidst the chaos—the eye of the storm where everything seems calm before it quickly returns to chaos again. His artwork inspires the design and depicts this idea in a beautiful way: A woman sits peacefully in the chaos.

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