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Mediocrity… Such a foreign concept

Mass production, mass quantity, mass lack of quality…everything that we are NOT!

Move over see-through, fall-down, scratchy, fading, badly-manufactured leggings! We are here to blow your fitness-journey mind!


Pause Apparel is the “new” kid on the block, bringing you top quality art that you can wear to just about anywhere really. Our fabric has been painstakingly crafted to FIT any body shape, not fade, fray, expose the unwanted, or lose its form.


Through our obsessive attention to detail we have created a product to rival the best in the world.

Our material is washed repeatedly before manufacturing to ensure the colour integrity and stretch.

The V-shape waistband is crafted in such a way to hug your body, giving you complete comfort, confidence and ease of movement in even the most daunting pose.


Our prints are unique to every garment, staying true to the individuality of each wearer…your own one-of-a-kind art piece. No repetitive prints or measures spared to ensure our quality products, thus it speaks for itself that we design one pair of leggings a year. 


From production to packaging to parcel delivery, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional experience. We have yet to receive our first complaint or return, in actual fact, our patrons become somewhat addicted to our leggings, buying one of each design and begging for more.

Don’t just take our word for it, go check out our reviews!


The time is now to invest in you! Live unapologetically! Own your statement!


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