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Fitting Room = Anxiety

Fitting room = Anxiety

I’ve never walked into any shop and walked out of the fitting room feeling good about myself.

The space is always so small, and there is never enough space for a bag, another human friend or car keys.
They always use the brightest lights ever.
The mirror…?
Where do they get these mirrors?
Stuffy or ice cold..where is the balance in the fitting room?

I ask myself, do I really look like this?
Do I want to feel like this when I fit anything?

That is why I created the most unique, relaxing fitting room in our first concept store.
There is art on the walls, and the mirror is long and has soft backlighting.
The fan is quiet and you can choose the intensity you prefer.
The Pause signature fragrance diffuser adds to the experience in our fitting room.
Our aim is to simulate most of your senses.

There is more than enough space for you and a friend or 2.
We bring the fitting samples to you, to ensure you can fit with comfort.
You fit, you choose the size and style.

You leave with a Pause shopping bag and a beautiful packaged new item in it.
We promise you will feel good about yourself and the whole experience.

Come and see for yourself.

We will be happy to show you around.

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