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We often hear of the idea of “being in bliss”. It conjures up imagery of serene thoughts, dewy smiles and a sense of calm that often seems unattainable now a days.

What exactly does bliss mean and how do we achieve it?

Being in bliss is defined as a state of
“Complete happiness”

Then what is happy?
“Happy is a state of well being and contentment”

And to be content?
“Contentment is when ones wishes are met”

and finally a wish, what is that?
“A wish is a desire or want.”

And therein lies the answer.

To find your bliss you first need to know what you truly wish for and what you want or desire.

It is said that our imaginations and our dreams are the gateways to magnificent lives that we can access should we embrace their power. The old adage” be careful what you wish for” is a fair warning and a validation of this power. You cannot however wish or receive unless you have a clear idea of what it is that you want or what your true desire is. Take time to imagine and dream. Imagine more and dream bigger!

So now once the dreams, wants and wishes are done, how would we achieve this state of bliss?

To ensure that these wants are in pursuit of our Highest Good, we need to be of clear mind to receive our inner guidance. This is achieved through our daily practise. As we move with ease, breathe deeply and meditate often we will become aware of a quiet knowing that there is so much more power within us.
We come to realise that through our thoughts, dreams, actions and beliefs we are allowing the universe and life, to conspire in every possible way to help realise our dreams and desires.

So every day be still and content for some time and be grateful for where you are and what you already have.

Then dream amazing dreams!

Know the power you have.
Know your thoughts shape your reality.
Know your wishes are being met
and from there,
you will find your bliss.

May you find your own bliss.

May you be-yourself, be-still and pause often. 

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