How it all started from Be-Bliss to Pause Apparel - Pause Apparel

How it all started from Be-Bliss to Pause Apparel

The way it all started.

My Story:

It started out as a perfect day on the dam, fun in the sun.

January 2004

Playing on the water and doing what I loved the most at that stage, waterskiing.

I was a good skier and normally only use one ski - known as slalom.

On that specific day I was on 2 ski's and 2 of us were skiing - he fell and his rope whiplashed around my legs.

With the power of the boat, the rope burned into my left leg and my husband had to cut the rope, to release it..

That is where it all started.

The paramedic told us that if the rope was 3 minutes longer around my leg, I would've lost my leg.

So the journey began.

I had physio for 3 months, 3 days a week went to the Chiro and most specialists.

I could walk, and move around but with a huge amount of discomfort, and sometimes excruciating pain.

I had a numb feeling on my outer quad /ITB area and as time goes by I started losing the feeling in my left leg.

NOBODY knew why and most people in the medical world just said, there is nothing they can do for me.

I started Pilates and loved it from day 1

I opened my own Pilates studio in July 2005


I had the opportunity to travel to the USA to do my Pilates teacher training.

I started doing research.

I was not going to accept the fact that this will be the way I live for the rest of my life .

2005 -the first chapter of my healing journey.

Bob Cooley - The genius of flexibility Boston USA.

I did a course and worked in his studio in Boston.

I learned a lot and started my journey with the word fascia.

Something was missing... How can you treat pain with pain was my main question.

I taught Pilates and incorporated what I learned, there was progress but not enough to heal.

2010 - Rolfing I & II (SA)

2012 - Fascia Manipulation Stecco (SA)

2012 - Fascia Fitness Joanne Avison (UK)

2013 - Fascia & Sport Conference (Germany)

2014 - Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Bali)

2014 - Fascia Summer School ULM ( Germany)

2016 - Yin Yoga JoPhee (Jakarta)

2017 - J.F. Barnes MFR I, II, Unwinding & Rebounding

2017 - Skill enhancement Sedona (USA)

My leg recovered completely , no pain or discomfort.

I sold my pilates studio after 10 years. Relocated in 2016 from Pretoria to KZN.

Now it's time for something new.

I am and was living in leggings/ yoga pants/activewear every day of my life. In all my traveling I bought leggings everywhere I go. Still not finding what I'm looking for.

The light bulb moment...

I want to create the best quality leggings that money can buy.

Creative, limited edition,


Be-Bliss turned into Fanzeewear and now 


and so it will be, it's like a new baby, literally.


It took me a whole year, 6 rounds of samples, lots of challenges, and a few tears to create the first pair of leggings

Be-yourself was born on 8/08/2018

The main aim of the brand is to:

Stimulate most of your senses. To create something exceptional, packaged specially to make YOU FEEL good, while you move or lounging around.

Leggings that tells a story.

I created the Pause Leggings in 2019, our signature leggings.

I never knew how appropriate it will be during these times.

2020 - Be-Still leggings

2021 - Eye of the Storm

Express yourself creativelyANYWEAR. 

Resetting your Nervous System.

 A little bit of information on fascia:

You can not force through the Fascia. Fascia takes 2 to 3 minutes to react.

The nervous system is fascia's best friend.

Only when the body is in a complete relaxed state can the fascia release.

Fascia and the nervous system are there to protect us.

 We need to feel it to heal it. Always.

Gill Hedley - The Fuzz Speech

 Strolling under the skin

JFBarnes - everything about fascia is worth watching.


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