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No mud, no lotus

The Lotus flower is so highly revered in Egyptology, Hinduism, and Buddhism that it is used to symbolize enlightenment and Kaivalyam, or the freedom attained from knowing the Absolute Truth.

As the Lotus flower pushes up from the murky depths towards the sunlight, it provides the perfect imagery, not only of our own journey to enlightenment, but as a reminder of our own quest to be released from disruptive and limiting thoughts and beliefs.

The Lotus opens daily to full bloom regardless of what it has left below. It extracts daily that which it needs to survive and then filters out the unwanted thoughts leaving them behind in the heavy darkness below.

As it appears above the surface, persisting through the murky uncertainty, it gently rests unstained or altered by all it has journeyed through.

Undisturbed, the dew, dust and rain roll gently off of its leaves and so too should we quieten our minds and observe all that occurs from the space of this tranquility.

Buddhism associates the Lotus with purity and the path to spiritual awakening.

The flower is considered pure because it is able to emerge, without fail, from darker waters in the morning and be perfectly clean. Its beauty perfectly juxtaposes that which lies beneath – the muddy waters of judgment, control, limitations, and drudgery.

Our path towards spirituality then too is also beautifully depicted through the growth of the Lotus. Starting at the beginning stages, through to the bud emerging from the depths, and finally to blossom. Beautiful, serene and unaffected.

No matter our background or what circumstances we are born into, we all have the potential to blossom. Our trying times and difficult situations may be hard to navigate, often with no light in sight, but these times will ultimately lead to beautiful outcomes and help us to evolve into better beings. We just have to rise daily, drive through the unknown, head for the glimmer of light and then bask in the stillness as we allow life’s irritations to pass.

The Chinese Philosopher Confucius said,

“I have a love for the Lotus while growing in mud it still remains unstained”.

So may you rise upwards towards enlightenment, towards the Source and sun and be blessed with Kaivalyam

Linda Jane
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