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The Seesaw

Lets consider for a moment that balance can be illustrated on our childhood playground essential – The Seesaw.

Some days, weeks and let’s be honest some months are spent up in the air. Our arms are outstretched flailing in the wind like a bronco rider at the rodeo, ungrounded, slightly scared for the outcome but living life with wild abandon or by abandoning all sane and rational thought or routine. We do not know when we will land back on earth but know, for sure that the time will come. Gravity is a universal law too. Thanks Newton.

And then one day, in moment or in a thought the momentum changes and you feel yourself falling. You can see the desired outcome down below where there is stability and calmness. You chastise yourself all the way down vowing to not be up there for so long next time and hope for a soft landing!

And then you touch down. You drink your juice, fast, feel present and grounded on this earth. All is right in the world for now. Calm and quiet.

And as God made little green apples on a day your toes twitch, you inhale with happy trepidation as you feel yourself be pushed off from the ground – again.

You are launched into another period of living every facet of this human experience. No routine, refined carbs, fine wine (or whatever is going) little daily practise and late nights.

So let’s stop for a moment. Let us surrender to the ups and the downs.

Sometimes you spend more time at the top and sometimes more on the bottom. It is a fortunate few who are able to levitate perfectly in balance midway and that too is a moment in time.

Surrender the self judgement on the way down and embrace the youthful expectation on the way up. Let’s be grateful for this ride we have been afforded on the seesaw of life.

What goes up must come down. What is picked up must be put down – eventually. Down dog, the scale, the double dip sundae and the Kale smoothie alike.

So every time we get the chance to go up or down let’s let out a grateful squeal of delight like children on the playground of life.

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