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What's the story behind the story?


I am a businesswoman, mother, art lover, avid traveller and multi-certified, experienced movement teacher. Pause Apparel is a reflection of my journey and an expression of my personal belief in choosing happiness, living my life in freedom, and creating my own personal sense of style.

I know for sure that happiness is a choice and, if you make the right choices often enough, that you can live a healthy, productive, caring and fun life. A life in which you can express yourself creatively. Anywear.

I also believe that we heal ourselves through happiness and movement. My journey led me first to Pilates, and later yoga, and instilled in me a desire to share the many benefits of these gentle disciplines. Now, I’m a qualified Pilates instructor and yoga teacher with many years of experience. I have travelled the world to learn, experience and teach. I live in active wear, and have done so for many years. Leggings became my ‘studio to street wear’ long before ‘athleisure’ became a trend.

As leggings have become more fashionable, so the designs have become prettier and more fun. However, as far as aesthetics go, many brands are designed to look good only on Instagram bodies. And in terms of functionality, most fall short of the mark.

My background in movement, my love of art and fashion, my desire for uniqueness, and my obsession with quality, showed me that I have the knowledge and ability to create a superior brand of movement wear.

My life outlook can be encapsulated as ‘ikagai’, a Japanese concept that means ‘reason for being’. The word refers to having a direction or purpose that makes your life worthwhile, and towards which you can take spontaneous and willing actions to gain satisfaction and a sense of meaning.

In execution, ikigai means that you should infuse the actions and ideals that spark your passion with your own mission, vocation and profession. This is where you find your purpose, and it’s from this place that the concept of Pause Apparel was born.

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