Pause Leggings. Be-yourself yoga pants. High quality tights.

Pause Apparel is Art that you can wear™

Moving effortlessly from our chosen daily physical activity into a busy work and social life can provide style challenges when it comes to the regular activewear apparel on offer.

It was from this need that Pause Apparel was first born. Clothing that could be as adaptable as we need to be and that is of such high quality that it could go effortlessly from studio to sundowners.

In a world of fitness attire that is emblazoned with logos, slogans, and pattern on repeat, Pause Apparel  is the alternative that offers unique art-inspired pieces along with its uplifting ethos.

From the outset, the brand has been a forerunner in the unique method of incorporating art and apparel to form comfortable, stylish and creative items.

Only the highest quality inks and workmanship culminate in a wearable creative experience. The company is owner run and each design, pattern and art piece is personally selected by Zelda. Comfort and quality form the foundation while distinctive design elements further set it apart from the norm. Unlike other garments, each range of Pause Apparel will be made uniquely available as a limited edition.

The initial offerings are a capsule wardrobe of a versatile jacket and leggings.

The guiding mantras for these items are;

Be – Yourself

Be – Still and… Pause

Which are beautifully depicted in the artwork, design, and packaging of each item.

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