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What is pain?

I’ve been treating people in pain for the last 10 years. During Covid 2020 I decided to take a break from treating people daily. I’m only treating people once a week now.

I started Pause Apparel during the end of 2018. Creating art that you can wear. I realised that Pause Apparel needed all my attention now. Pause Apparel gave me a chance to be creative and challenge myself tremendously.. Sometimes I wonder just why do I always find the things in life that challenges me? It gave me time to think about all the things I learned in the last 10 years, about movement, pain and daily activities. The human body is just an amazing thing and I’m still amazed of the ability to heal itself.I truly believe, and experienced this, if you give the body the right tools It can definitely heal itself.

What is pain?

In my own words, I describe pain as a sensation of the body telling you something is wrong.

Each and every one of us handle and endure pain the way we think is best.I know for a fact that to be in pain consistently is taking away the quality of your life. So what can we do to find relief?

This is one of the things I realised during the last 10 years.Most of the time if I ask my clients to describe pain, they're unable to describe the sensation in words. I encourage them to try and describe the sensation, and not only to refer to it as pain.

Ask yourself is this pain sensation hot, cold, sharp, or dull?Is it consistent, and when do you feel the sensation the most?When you walk stand or sit?In the morning evening or during the whole day?

This make such a huge difference in the sensation, and it bring awareness to what you actually feeling. When we in constant pain the nervous system takes over and put us in a feeling of fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system)

The aim is to bring back the awareness to your own body. The more aware you become of what’s happening in your own body, the easier it becomes to heal yourself.Just a reminder where we feel the pain is most of the time NOT where the problem lies. Anatomy Trains Thomas Myers has the best description and makes so much sense to me.

Myers says: The victim feels the pain and the criminal is hiding away.

We need to find the criminal in order to get relief from pain. That can only happen when we become aware of the feelings and sensations in our own body. 

I am busy making youtube video’s (Be pain free with Zee) on things that I’ve discovered regarding pain, and what you can do to help yourself to find some balance and ease in your own body

When you listen to your body, and act upon what you hear you can heal yourself.

Zelda Visser


Pause Apparel

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