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Is consistency the only way to change?

Everyone has new year’s resolutions, and often one of them includes a physical fitness programme.

How many of us can keep that fitness program we spend hours on planning?

Have you ever thought about it?

When it gets to 1 December, did you complete the training programme?

How many injuries do you have?

Why could you not stick to the programme?

It’s something that I think about often.

How can it be good for you to push your body so hard?

Where does this "no pain no gain" thing come from?

What if you start this year, and try to listen to what your body tells you. Some days it needs running, or even just walking, other days it needs stretching and small, slow movements.
What if you start the training with awareness of what your body really needs, and not what your mind tells you, you need to achieve.

Isn’t the aim just to move your body and treat it with more kindness?

If you're planning to get fit can you do it slowly and listen to what your body tells you?

I challenge you to try it this year, whatever your goal is, listen to your body and I guarantee you that you will get the results, and maybe this time pain-free.

It’s not always only about the goal, most of the time it’s more about the journey.

If you listen to your body and act upon what you hear – you can heal yourself...
Said somebody once, I don’t know who but I do agree.

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