Pause black leggings. Quality yoga pants squat proof

Do itchy, scratchy labels drive you mad?

Itchy scratchy labels are in the past.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a bad relationship with clothing labels.

They itch and scratch. And do we really need all that information on the label? Even if you want to read it, you often can’t. The printing is usually so small you need a very bright light and a magnifier just to make out the words.

The trouble really begins when you start wearing your new garment. Not just trying it on, but actually wearing it out and about (or in the case of leggings, in a yoga class). It seems like the label is ALWAYS attached in the most uncomfortable place. It doesn’t matter what the label is made from, or where it is stitched in, it itches. It itches so much it can drive you mad.

So you decide the label must go! Right now! But have you ever tried to cut out a label in the middle of a yoga class? Or when you’re out shopping? Not easy. You need someone to help you, and you need to find a pair of scissors. What a mission. But even if you come right, the drama continues.

When I cut out a label, one of 2 things happens every time. Either I only cut half the label off and the remaining piece is itchier than ever. Or I manage to get the entire label off - along with a nice hole in my new pants.

Yes I have an issue with labels! It’s a small detail, but one that I really wanted to get right with FanZeeWear™.

I asked myself, “What information do we really need? And how can I make a label that doesn’t itch?”

I’ve kept information to a minimum. Basically, how to take care of the garment (washcare), size and fabric composition. That’s it. Anything else is overkill. 

The label is printed onto the back of the waistband (for leggings) and collar (for jackets). There is no stitching means no itching! The text is clear and readable. No guessing, no irritations. Just pure enjoyment of comfortable art that you can wear!

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