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The ocean has a magnetic presence that stirs the soul and that invigorates and mesmerizes the senses.

It also perfectly illustrates the power that a pause can harness. The simple efficiency in taking a breath and just holding on for a moment in time. 

In any unsettling situation, if we let the energy build, gather, swirl or spiral around us and if we are able to observe this momentum without being sucked in, we without knowing, summon a greater power than any resistance we could offer up. Fighting waves is as futile as fighting against these energy - tsunamis that life tends to hurl at us. The only guarantee we have, should we choose the fight, is exhaustion, an unglamorous slam - dunk or being swept further away from your desired outcome and the shore. 

When in highly charged situations, we want to push, pull and manipulate events and outcomes through our thoughts, actions, and opinions. We want to take control to ensure our desired outcome. It's at these times that if we in fact fail to stop and pause, that we forgo a formidable power that is at our disposal.

When life rips you through or past you with an energetic state of turmoil allow the chaos to culminate, gather, and to peak. Through timing, momentum, and a smidgen of hope, clarity too is building. It is during this gathering that when you stop, pause, surrender and listen for the guidance, insight or gut - feel it will come in a when, how or whom. This fresh perspective allows you to confidently release and turn to ride out the energetic wave till its completion to your fullest advantage.  

It is true then that everything may change around us but the waves still keep rolling in. Throughout the world, energy is being summoned, stored and released without fail in every minute, in every ocean. The same rings true for our challenges. They are guaranteed and remain relentless only varying in ferocity.

So next time life comes at you with a six-foot wall of thunderous, problematic momentum, 

Pause often.




Release and let it flow.

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