Pause Leggings. Be- Still yoga pants.High quality active wear.

We're all about QUALITY and NOT Quantity



From work-out to out-and-about, our unique fabric provides the perfect fit that, combined with our attention to detail in the manufacturing process and rigorous testing, ensures quality and comfort that you can wear all day, every day.

We manufacture our own fabric, which is completely unique to our brand. If we simply printed our designs onto the fabric there is a chance that they might fade over time, so weave our custom art into the fabric in high-quality Japanese and Italian inks. If we simply partnered with the most cost-effective manufacturer there is a chance that our quality might be compromised. So, every Pause-Apparel sample item is tested extensively to ensure that the fabric, stitching, trim, fit, colour and finishing are movement-proof and lasting. 

Each item is individually inspected at the point of manufacture. Each client order is lovingly packed in beautifully designed boxing, with a note written in rare, lavender-scented ink. The simple truth is that we want you to love your Pause-Apparel even more than we do.

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