Pause Leggings. Black squat proof leggings.

Pause Apparel The Brand


And it's also so much more. 

Pause Apparel is completely unique – just like you. Each of our designs is commissioned from South African street artists, styled by local graphic artists, and manufactured in limited quantities. There’s no other Pause Apparel clothing item quite like yours, and no other woman will wear her Pause Apparel quite like you do. 

Pause Apparel is fun, creative, colourful and aspirational – just like you. We combine beautiful art and inspirational words in the highest quality garments that you can move, work and play in. From the studio to the street, your Pause Apparel will bring joy and style to your life. 

Pause Apparel is beauty in motion – just like you. Each bespoke item in our range is designed to let you move as you live your best, most beautiful life. 

Pause Apparel is a sensory delight – just like you. From the brilliance of our designs and the vibrancy of the inks we use, to the luxurious feel of our unique fabric and our soothing lavender-scented packaging, each time you interact with your Pause-Apparel items all your senses will be simultaneously stimulated and soothed.

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